The Magnificent Four

The picture of painting post card panorama and world heritage site unesco with end church street No painting, post card or panorama is complete, without the Magnificent Four Towers which characterize the skyline of the City of St. Georges. Nicknamed The Prettiest Town in the West Indies and The City on a Hill, this beautiful town with its Georgian styled buildings, red tiled roof and landlocked harbour has been declared a world... Read More

Contract of Marriage, Nikkah dont just sign it, understand customize it!

The picture of protection women nothing and meher bukhari sahiba with discuse tipical family matter I am not a scholar nor a religious literate. But in my humble understanding and knowledge I would say Its a mens world and we men twisted and shaped law in accordance to our own benefits.

The religion is mostly translated and interpretted by men, so its a bit natural and smart of men to formulate laws that protect... Read More


The picture of Christianity and Evangelicalism with Mainline Protestant This has been a difficult post for me to contemplate, not to mention for me to actually write. It is my hope that anyone who has faced (or is facing) similar issues will find some guidance and peace of mind.

I grew up Presbyterian, but have attended mostly evangelical/charismatic style churches for the last 20 years (see my earlier post). Twenty... Read More