Balika Vadhu 19th 2015 Written Update

The picture of Indian films and Child marriage in India with Rajasthan The Episode begins with Anandi and Nimboli returning house in the automobile. Anandi wishes her. She asks do you like to see places. Nimboli states yes, and states we will take Mangla likewise. Anandi says we will take her also. Nimboli says she will inform Mangla that she has actually delighted in well. Dadisaa asks about children. Ganga tells her that they are playing. Dadisaa misses Nimboli and states haveli is looking lonesome without her. Mangla comes and asks exactly what happened to my child. Dadisaa asks her to relax, and states if anything would have happened to her, then we would not have been sitting here. She says Anandi and Nimboli opted for Chath Puja. Mangla says you ought to have asked me prior to sending her with Anandi, no one bothered to take my consent. Dadisaa reminds her that Anandi is her mum and Nimboli went with her mum. Mangla says I know, however Nimboli is very mischievious. Ganga thinks may be Mangla is stressed for her.

Pushkars Chacha and Chachi concern Akhirajs home to meet Kamli and Pushkar. Urmila unlocks and welcomes them. They hear Kamli speaking to Harki and asks why you are snapping on us. She says you might have lost big video game. Harki states you are a huge nagin staying in my house, and says Kundan will make you right. Kamli states she is fretted about her family. She turns and sees Chacha and Chachi. They welcome Harki. Harki disregards them and goes. Kamli recalls JataShankar telling that his own sibling wants his cash and has actually been preparing attacks on Pushkar. A flashback is shown. Kamli asks how dare you to come here? Chacha says you are our Pushkars partner and this is your first Diwali after marriage. He says he pertained to offer blessings to them. He says I felt bad seeing you both staying here. Pushkar comes and welcomes them. Chacha shows him sweet box and crackers. Pushkar informs to Kamli that his chacha and chachi brought so many things for him. Kamli reminds Pushkar that these people had actually eliminated our Maa and Bapu. Pushkar cries and inquires to go. Kamli says how should you believe that we will forgive you. Chacha says your daddy is also a criminal. Kamli says thats why he is staying in prison and inquires to leave if he do not desire to go to jail. Chacha threatens her and leaves. Kamli asks Urmila to kick them out if they come once again.

Mangla fears that she will lose nimboli and believes to do something. Chacha and Chachi talk about Kamli insulting them. He states I will do something and will decline loss so easily. He sees Harki going and states Kamli and her relation are bad. Pushkars Chachi call her to a side, and says we pertained to satisfy our responsibility, however She offers present and asks her to accept it. Harki keeps it. She asks them to leave Kamli and states she is really smart. Chacha says you want to say that Akhiraj remains in prison because of Kamli. Harki states yes, and says Mangla is also responsible. Chachi asks how can she do this to her own father. Harki cries. Chacha says you can call us for help even at midnight. Harki states okay and leaves. Chacha and Chachi believe to target Kamli through Harki and states this Diwali will be last for her.

Balika vadhu 19th November 2016 Composed Update

Anandi recalls Nimboli wishing her union with Nandini, and grins. Nimboli asks Anandi to take her to dhaba as she is really hungry. Anandi asks driver to stop vehicle at the dhaba. Nimboli runs to Dhaba. Anandi stops her and says I wish to say you something. She states I desired to tell you before, however the time was not right. Nimboli asks her to say. Anandi states I am your genuine mum and you are my Nandini my child. Nimboli gets surprised and her smile disappears. Nimboli says you are not my mum as you are my Chokhi Chudail. Anandi says I am saying truth, you are my daughter, my Nandini. Nimboli states if you are my mum, then you are so bad. You have tossed me in the garbage bin. Anandi states I had actually not tossed you in the bin and tries to speak to her. Nimboli runs. Anandi yells her name.

Pushkar is going somewhere. Some thugs beats him ruthlessly. He screams Kamli. Kamli count on see him.

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