Balika Vadhu 1st 2015 Written Update

The picture of Animation and Balika Vadhu with Child marriage in India The Episode starts with Kundan coming house madly after dealing with a cold welcome by the villagers and breaks the lock. Nimboli asks Mangla to browse for her mum. Mangla views. She gets up from her wheelchair and concerns a woman who is weeping. She asks what happened. The female states her spouse is extremely much ill and requires much cash. She says Physicians asked me to take him to Mumbai for further treatment. Mangla asks her to take him to Mumbai. The female states she doesnt have money. Mangla asks her to have faith on God. The lady states who will help me and states I can do anything for cash.

Mangla gets a concept and provides help. Harki massages Kundans head and badmouths about Kamli. She says Kamli sent your daddy to jail and is ruling on home now. She says she even employed body guards. Kundan states I will teach her a lesson. Harki gets happy. The female asks will you help me? Mangla says yes, but you have to do my work. The lady agrees. Mangla states you need to open somebodys eyes. The female says I didnt understand. Mangla tells her something and takes her in her shrewd words. The woman agrees and asks her to offer cash quickly. Mangla asks her to come somewhere and take cash. The woman declines as her hubby is very much ill, and asks her to provide cash in the hospital. Mangla concurs and takes guarantee that she will not inform anything to any individual. Kamli asks Pushkar to open the lock and states she is coming. Pushkar informs her that there is no lock. Kamli sees the lock broken and asks the guards to help her open the door. They unlock and see Kundan standing. Kamli asks how did you go within? Kundan says it is my house and asks how dare you close the door when you knew that I am getting back. Kamli states Urmi was unhealthy whichs why I took her to medical facility. Kundan scolds her and asks exactly what relation she has with Urmila. kamli says Urmi is carrying your very own blood and asks how can you forget that. She states you ought to be delighted that I am caring for your kid. She says you have actually returned after becoming more dangerous. Kundan holds her neck, however the guards stop her. Harki takes him within.

Balika vadhu 1st December 2016 Composed Update

Mangla comes house. Nimboli gets happy and hugs her. She states I will bring everything for you and asks her to rest. Anandi believes when she will get this love and gets teary eyes. Nimboli asks why she is teary eyed. Anandi states I am missing my Nandini. Nimboli asks her not to stress and tells that she has hoped with Chathi Maiyya. She states she will send your daughhter to you and asks her to stop crying. She asks her to think about her as her Nandini till she gets her daughter. Anandi gets psychological and hugs her. Mangla pertains to the hospital and looks out for the lady who accepted work as Nimbolis genuine mum. The lady concerns her and puts hand on her shoulder. Mangla gives her gold bracelets of 7 tolas and tells her that her saas had actually offered her. Ganga comes. Mangla sees her and hides her face. Ganga goes. Mangla provides her bracelet and asks her not to break her trust. She says you remember what to do. The lady views.

Nimboli asks Mangla, if she has discovered her real mum. Mangla brings Nimboli to fulfill that lady and introduces her as her mum. Nimboli is stunned.

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