Balika Vadhu 25th 2016 Written Update Episode

The picture of Child marriage in India and Balika Vadhu with Television in India The Episode begins with Deenu telling Akhiraj that it is his ensure that no one recognized them. Akhiraj yells at him and says on the off chance that we had not left from that point, then they would have distinguished us. Deenu says how we will stay without wine. Akhiraj chuckles and says who let you know that we wont drink wine, and says we will drink vigorously, however here itself under the tree. He says this is the best place to have drink as no one comes here around evening time. Deenu giggles and says it is pleasant on the off chance that somebody serves it with pakodas. Akhiraj misses Harki and Kundan and thinks to go and see them once. He nods off and tosses the unfilled wine bottles there. Indeed, even Deenu rests.

Anandi tells Shivam that she is upbeat seeing him came back to his room. Shivam says he returned to his room as Nimboli is not here. He welcomes her to see attracting rivalry his school. Anandi says a few individuals are coming to Shiv Niketan for review, and says she cant come. Shivam says he needs to keep his memento with him, to feel their vicinity. Anandi brings the memento and makes him wear it. She requests that he keep it securely. Shivam guarantees. Anandi kisses him. Shivam wipes his face. Anandi says oho, and makes him rest. She takes a gander at Shivs photograph and thinks dont know when Nandini will be in my lap with Shivam.

Next morning, a sweeper comes to clear the spot and thinks to clean the spot before Mouni baba returns subsequent to having shower. He clears the spot and gets unfilled wine bottles. He gets stunned and lifts it up. Akhiraj and Deenu goes to the spot and see countless standing. Deenu requests that they hold up as Guruji need to do puja. A sweeper says he got this container while cleaning the spot. Akhiraj and Deenu get stunned. They request that he say how this container drew close to your place. Akhiraj gets up and goes about as irate. He goes close to the man, takes bottle from his hand and tosses it far. The villagers say that Mouni baba got furious and might revile us. Akhiraj furiously leaves there, while Deenu tails him. The group pursues him. Deenu acts and requests that he pardon the general population. Akhiraj goes to the sanctuary and rings the sanctuary chime. He acts and peruses the Gayatri mantra. Villager is stunned to see him talking.

Balika vadhu 25th February 2016 Written Update Episode

Akhiraj says we will leave from this town. The villager requests that him not abandon them. Akhiraj says I had grasp maun/hush since years, however somebody blameworthy have tossed that container at my place. He says you individuals have questioned me and have intruded on my tapasya. Akhiraj signs Deenu. He says he needs to do individuals improvement and never get this greatly offended in his entire life. He says it is difficult to stay in this town. Villager falls on his feet and requests that him not go. Deenu says that place was great, however a heathen made it polluted. Villagers say that they will offer security to the spot and apologizes. Akhiraj supposes he cant appreciate now and signs at Deenu. Deenu says we will do puja havan and will do Shuddikaran of the spot. He requests that Akhiraj pardon the villagers, as absolution is the greatest philanthropy. He requests that he quiet down and stay in this town. Akhiraj concurs. He favors everybody. He takes a gander at Deenu and grins.

Precap:Shivam tells Anandi that this memento can be worn by Nandini and him just and not Nimboli. Anandi slaps him. Dadisaa educates him that Nimboli is Anandis girl as well and your sister. Shivam is stunned. Akhiraj goes to his home indisguise of a hobo and requests nourishment. Mangla requests that Nimboli give him something to eat. Nimboli gives him leafy foods should I bring water. Akhiraj in his voice says no. Nimboli takes a gander at his face.

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