Maha Epi Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st 2015 Written Episode Update

The picture of rishi yakshraj attacks hanuman and powers devi shachi with urvashis words devraj Epi begins with Yakshraj saying dont back off now. You told me to ask you directly what I want. I get whatever I want either by love or by hook or crook. From now onwards, you will stay in my palace as my Rani. He holds her by the shoulders as she tries to walk away. Stay in your limits. I will tell Devraj Indra. He laughs at her.... Read More

God egoless embodiment atma

The picture of god egoless embodiment atma and sathya sai baba with space formless consciousness Please speak to Me when you have a concern that you cannot address on your own. Remember, we are in a partnership, helping one another in this process of ascension. I send you energy and direction and you work hard to overcome illusion and maya covering your true Self. Thus, in this way, the ascension process goes on until you reach... Read More

What draws us to Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

The picture of world kashmir vacation packages and dal lake dal lake with esteem shikara stamp. Kashmir is among those unique locations around the world that consists of actual wonder of characteristics. Because concerning the unique besides unchanged brilliance of the position it has been given the headline of subsistence the Heaven on Earth. The most precise headline has been given to this position as it suggests being the... Read More

Sathya sai form

The picture of sathya sai form and form prema sai baba with love bliss freedom You will see Me again. I am coming soon in a new form. You may wonder how will you recognize Me when I return in a new human body. I will look different to you, very different from the Sathya Sai form. You will know Me through My eyes, and My energy. My eyes will convey the same love that you... Read More

Order face life challenges

The picture of order face life challenges and wisdom endurance perseverance with life patience patience I expect My Devotees to be strong. In order to face lifes challenges and deal with them in a dharmic way, one must be steeped in fortitude, spiritual wisdom, endurance, perseverance, and patience to name a few types of strength. I have said a few times that all one needs in life is patience. Patience is a great virtue. Time... Read More

Plans ideas notions

The picture of plans ideas notions and freedom vastness purity love with consummation heart heart I come before you with outstretched hands beckoning you to Me. Come, come quickly. Throw yourself into My waiting arms with abandon. Allow your mind to loosen and relax into My Peace. Abandon, abandon everything; all your plans, ideas, notions about yourself and the world. Melt into Me in gay abandonment. I am your Self, your true... Read More