Dhu qada dhu hijja

The picture of dhu qada dhu hijja and month god ashura with abdullah ibn abbas. The month of Muharram is one of the holy months in which warfare has been traditionally forbidden; this was so even before the advent of Islam. The other months are Dhu al-Qada, Dhu al-Hijja, and Rajab. There are some hadiths concerning the month of Muharram.

The Prophet told us... Read More

Practice prophet muhammad

The picture of practice prophet muhammad and volume narrations islam with years thousands people As in all religions, there is scope for interpretation in Islam as well. This is as a result of an inevitable human condition which determines that the uniqueness of every individual leads to unique understanding of religion. Just as a red-coloured flower only radiates... Read More

Identifying Blasphemies

The picture of muslim amr bin umaiyah and tolerance surah kafirun with ashiq rasool lovers Following the accusations of blasphemy making headlines, I couldnt resist asking what exactly qualifies to be a blasphemy these days. The dictionary tells me its something that hurts religious sentiments, but whos going to decide what might hurt somebodys religious sentiments? And are religious sentiments exclusive to only us Muslims in... Read More

Reflection islam society

The picture of reflection islam society and development islamic law with lack education poverty As far as the sources of Islam (the Qur’an and the example of the Prophet Muhammad) and the spirituality of Islam are concerned, Islam maintained its freshness and vitality through the philosophical challenges of the last century. Authentic Islam is here to stay and... Read More

Year abd malik

The picture of year abd malik and engineers raja ibn haywah with yazid ibn sal In the first half of the seventh century new rulers came to the Holy Land, the Arab Muslims. But though the Holy Land and indeed greater Syria was to fall under Muslim rule, the Christian presence and dominance did not disappear. In the following generations the Christian Byzantium would even reconquer some of its lost territories, and in Jerusalem... Read More