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The picture of lot energy work and home reiki business with master level reiki. What do you do on your public holidays? Well today (a public holiday here) we decided to have our house blessed! No we have no ghosties or ghouls residing in our home (as much as I would LOVE that!!!), I just wanted to have our house blessed. I thought a house blessing would also be a good idea considering I do a lot of energy work in the home now that Ive just started up an at home Reiki business since completing my Master level in Reiki. I cleanse our home on the regular and our home always feels clean energetically but weve never had anything like this done by someone else in our homes let alone a buddhist blessing performed, so we thought it would be nice to have it done.

As youre probably well aware by now, we are practicing Buddhists and we take refuge in this daily. So it seemed fitting to have the house and everyone in it blessed in the Buddhist tradition. I called on our beloved Geshe, Geshe Ngawang Gedunto be the one to perform the blessing. Geshe La is a Geshe in the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa Tradition.

Geshe La entered Sera Mey Monastery, Yerpa House in Northern India, at age 13, and received full ordination from Sera Mey Monastery, at age 20. Geshe La excelled at his studies and entered the rigours of the Geshe studies class. Memorizing, studying and debating the greatest texts of Buddhism Geshe La became one of the top students representing his university in debate. He debated with other top students from the major monastic universities. This is a rare honour reserved for only a very few students each year. In 1992 he was awarded the highest honours, that of Geshe Lharampa. Geshe La went on to do advanced studies for one year at the Lower Tantric College returning to complete the Tantric examinations in 2016. Geshe Las teachers are His Holiness Dalai Lama, Ling Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche (HH Dalai Lamas senior and junior tutors), Kensur Rinpoche Ngawang Thekchok and Dhakpa Rinpoche. Geshe La is an Australian citizen, he teaches in English, resides in Australia, giving and being of service to all who need him.

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Back to the blessing.Geshe La came this morning and we enjoyed a cup of tea together and then he got right down to the blessing business. He first began by offering Lee and I Khatas each. Khatas are Tibetan Offering Scarves usually made from silk.

Khata has many usage, Khata are use for birth, wedding, funeral, ceremony etc. It symbolizes purity and compassion. It is usually made of silk. Tibetan khata are usually whitesymbolising the pure heart of the giver,though it is quite common to find yellow gold khata as well. Tibetan and Bhutanese khata has symbol of eight lucky auspicious signs meaning to bring good luck and fortune. Wiki

The picture of lot energy work and home reiki business with master level reiki. We then offered incense to the Buddha (Dharma & Sangha). Lee & I & Geshe La, with GL positioned in the middle, sat in front of the altar in our home. Geshe La began his chanting. I dont know about anyone else but every time I hear the ritual chanting done at pujas or otherwise, I begin to tear up and have often times have tears dripping down my face by the end of it. I had previously asked a teacher about why this is and she seems to believe it is just the words washing over me. I believe its more than this. I do know since Buddhism came into this life (no doubt for the umpteenth endless time) that there has been an indescribable, deep connection & knowing of it. I remember listening to my first ever teaching a few years ago now and I began crying minutes into it. Im not a crier. The only way I could describe the feeling when I relayed the experience back to Lee, was that I felt like I had come home. It felt like hearing a language I hadnt spoken for eons, but the familiarity of what was being spoken was so soul soothing. And this happens regularly for me, even now. I have no doubt in my mind that I was on the path in previous lifetimes.

Anyway, Geshe La continued on with his chanting and other rituals with his ritual items. He began strewing rice in all the 10 directions. After chanting and strewing for a good 10 minutes he then arose and began walking into every room of our house and strewing rice into them. Once finished he gave Lee the remaining rice in his ritual bowl and asked him to spread the rice around the perimeter of our house, thus finalising the blessing. He then gave us gifts of blessed string, earrings for me and a key chain.

People tend to comment when walking into our home that it feels so nice and they can breathe here, and its definitely felt more this way in this particular home since we began our Buddhist practice here. The house does feel very different to every other house we have lived in. Our mind states are also very different in this house than they have ever been in any other house we have been in. All credit to the amount of self work we have done and continue to do on ourselves I believe. I not only want to provide a house that feels good to our children but to all that enter into this space. Id like people to experience that feeling of coming home whenever they walk in our front door. People should feel safe and secure and be happy where ever they go and if our home can be a sanctuary of sorts for them, then were very blessed in deed.

**If you too would like your home blessed or you are interested in attending Buddhist teachings run by Geshe La and live in southern QLD or Northern NSW, please call theAustralian Tibetan Buddhist Centreand ask aboutGeshe Ngawang Geduns services! Payment is by donation**

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