Maha Epi Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st 2015 Written Episode Update

The picture of rishi yakshraj attacks hanuman and powers devi shachi with urvashis words devraj Epi begins with Yakshraj saying dont back off now. You told me to ask you directly what I want. I get whatever I want either by love or by hook or crook. From now onwards, you will stay in my palace as my Rani. He holds her by the shoulders as she tries to walk away. Stay in your limits. I will tell Devraj Indra. He laughs at her. What will you tell him? Will you tell him about me abducting that Rishi to trouble that vanar kid? She tries to free herself but in vain. She runs away but he appears before her from thin air. She screams for help as he stops her way.

Hanuman thinks Devguru gave exact description of this place except that hut. I cannot see anyone here. Whom to ask? Hanuman hears someone calling for help. He immediately reaches that place. Yakshraj picks up Urvashi in his arms. Hanuman asks him to free his Massi. Yakshraj laughs. She isnt your Massi but your enemy. She made me kidnap the same Rishi who could help you in freeing your mother. Hanuman replies that this does not justify his act. She is like my mother. Insulting women is like insulting God. I wont let it happen. Urvashi looks at him in shock. Yakshraj warns him to stay out of his way but Hanuman stays put. Free my Massi. Tell me where you took that Rishi. Yakshraj attacks Hanuman using his powers.

Devi Shachi asks Jayant about Hanuman. Is he back? Jayant replies rudely. He will come back when he is supposed to. She tells him not to speak like this. He saved the world from destruction in such young age. He has given up the boons given by Gods. One gets such son with luck. You should be thankful to him. Jayant thinks of Urvashis words. Devraj and Devi Shachi think highly of Hanuman. You are their son but seems like Hanuman has become their favourite. They think that there can be no better son than Hanuman. Devi Shachi asks Jayant what he is thinking. You are Devrajs son. You should respect those who actually deserve it. Jayant thinks that his father and mother can only think of Hanuman. Ask Urvashi ji. She can see the right qualities of a successor in me.

Yakshraj knows it that Hanuman gave up all his powers on his own will. You were foolish to do so. Now you wont be able to either hurt me or fight with me. Hanuman thinks about it. I will have to be really careful now. Hanuman still succeeds in freeing Urvashi from Yakshrajs clutches. Yakshraj is taken aback for a minute but then magically switches positions. It isnt so easy to win from me. He disappears along with Urvashi. Hanuman cannot see him anymore, but can only hear his laugh. What to do now? If I dont find that Rishi on time then Ma wont be free. Yakshraj remarks that he will neither be able to free his Ma not Urvashi. Hanuman thinks that he only has two days now. I will have to do it all fast. I have my mothers blessings. Whoever has it always succeeds.

Anjana is worried for Hanuman. Time is passing by. Hanuman doesnt even have the extra powers now. I wonder how he will do everything. Please save my son Mahadev. Devi Shachi looks at Anjana. I am worried for Hanuman. Anjana is his mother. My pain, worry must be nothing before what she is feeling. Devi Shachi speaks positively to Anjana.

Jayant comes to Airavat. Airavat turns his face to the other side. Jayant reminds him that his punishment is due. He acts that he is worried for his vanar friend. What would happen to him? Urvashi has caught him in a trap. Hanuman will exhaust all his time in looking for that Rishi. He wont be able to do anything. Airavat inches his trunk closer to him. Jayant has to step back so as not to get hurt. You tried to make me fall! You will be punished for it. He orders the soldiers to catch Airavat but he flies away before that. Jayant looks angry. You dint do it right Airavat!

Airavat brings Hanuman to Yaksh-loka. Hanuman asks Airavat why he stopped. Dont you want to come ahead? Airavat stays quiet. Hanuman thanks him for his help. I will manage it from here. He turns to go when Airavat reaches out for him with his trunk. Hanuman assures him that he will come back soon with Massi and Rishivar.

Yakshraj looks at Urvashi. The ghungroos have replaces chains today! It doesnt look good. I wont give you nupur. I havent brought you here for dance and entertainment. You will be the queen of my heart for forever. Urvashi hopes Hanuman comes for her help. I am mad to think whom I have troubled will actually come to help me!

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Hanuman is confused as he cannot see the other end of the gate of Yaksh-loka. Where do I go now? I cannot delay anymore. I will fly to the other side of the door. His all attempts to fly fail. Maybe it will be better to walk. As soon as he nears the statues, a light appears from each statues eyes and makes a laser light bridge. Someones voice can be heard. It isnt to cross this. You have to cross this path avoiding the laser beam. If they fall on you then you will die. Dont forget, you dont have any powers anymore. So nothing can save you now. Hanuman says I have to free Ma. I accept any obstacle that will come in the way. I should understand these lights well so I can go unscathed from here. He observes them and judges how to cross past it. My Ma taught me to concentrate. This will save me here. Hanuman crosses it as he flies. The voice warns him to be extra careful. If you will play smart then I can increase the problems for you. Hanuman gets extra careful. Hanuman finally succeeds in reaching the other side. He notices another obstacle right before him. I dint see this mountain before. The voice says you wont be able to cross all the obstacles. Hanuman disagrees. My motive is bigger than these obstacles. Hanuman flies up so he can peek down towards the other side of the mountain. He suddenly starts falling. So this isnt a mountain but actually an illusion of clouds, so no one can understand about the exact existence of Yaksh-loka. He lands in the middle of a jungle.

Yakshraj tells Urvashi I told you I get what I like. Now you are mine, only mine! She looks scared. A servant comes to tell him that Hanuman entered inside Yaksh-loka. Yakshraj orders him to welcome Hanuman. Bring him to me with love. The servant leaves. Urvashi gets happy. Yakshraj tells her not to be happy. That vanar kid came here for my entertainment. I will play with him till I want to. When I am done, I will kill him. He holds her hand and the chains disappear. You used to entertain everyone in Dev-loka. Today I will arrange some entertainment for you.

Hanuman wants to find Urvashi Massi and Rishivar today itself. Today is the third day. I cannot waste time. I dont know where they will be. Someone showers flower petals on him. Hanuman turns to find a big army of people there. Looks like they have come to welcome me. the same servant makes him wear a garland. Hanuman asks him about it curiously. Is another challenge on the way? The guy denies. we are welcoming you. I am the Pradhan Sevak of Yaksh-loka. I welcome you here. Hanuman greets him back with due respect. It was your voice that I heard all along. The Pradhan Sevak points out that it was a test. We wanted to see if you are worth allowing inside or not. Yakshraj is waiting for you. Hanuman thinks that they are showering him with a little too much love. they tried to kill me on the bridge. I will have to be careful. But I dont have much time. I will have to go with them. He goes with the Pradhan Sevak.

Ravans informer tells Ravan that Hanuman has reached Yaksh-loka. The fight between both of them can happen anytime. Ravan says Hanuman has lost all his powers, yet we should send the best of our fighters to Yaksh-loka. This time Hanuman shouldnt go away.

Hanuman comes to Yakshrajs palace. He is actually brought inside the practise area. He cannot see Urvashi Massi and Rishivar there. Yakshraj laughs as he enters. The weather changes accordingly. He sarcastically praises Hanuman for entering Yaksh-loka. You walked in deaths mouth. Hanuman replies that he hasnt come here for any war. It will be good if you send Massi and Rishivar with me. Yakshraj wants him not to request. Talk like a brave fighter. You are mistaken to think you are good and capable enough to fight. Hanuman reasons that he has pretty less time. It will be good for you if you tell me where they both are. Yakshraj points up in the air. Two bubbles hang in the air. One has Urvashi while the Rishivar is caught in another bubble. Hanuman thinks of flying up to them when they disappear. Yakshraj mocks Hanuman by making them appear and disappear. This isnt Swags Indrasan, where you will reach without permission. This is Yaksh-loka. You will need my permission to reach out to them. I wont allow you. Forget your Massi and Ma. Hanuman angrily shouts Yakshraj. He angrily removes the garland from around his neck. He hits Yakshraj. Yakshraj is impressed by his strength. You lost all your powers yet I think it will be fun to fight with you! Hanuman says this is the strength of his Mas teachings and of his fathers lessons. You wont be able to stand before it. Yakshraj accepts his challenge.

Urvashi apologizes to Hanuman in her heart. You have to go through all this because of me only. Hanuman ducks to avoid Yakshrajs attacks. The Rishivar continues with his tapasya. Hanuman pushes away all the weapons that he is being attacked with. Yakshraj moves aside to save himself when Hanuman attacks him. Now I will end you with your own attacks only! Yakshraj says now I will show you how you will get defeated by your own attacks that you will make on me. Either you will be responsible for Rishis death or you will be cursed by him. Hanuman looks up at the bubble in which Rishivar is doing tapasya. One of the powers, which he had pushed away, is about to hit the bubble / Rishivar. Hanuman thinks that things will go wrong this way.

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