Reflection Test Light Vs Dark, Heaven Vs Hell

The picture of bubble light layers gold and place gold palaces with hindu god world So in the beginning i watched videos on internal worlds and how to PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM NEGATIVE ENTITIES ! I laugh at that now. So i did i would surround my world i created with a Huge bubble of light in layers of Gold in the center surrounding everything then more PROTECTIVE LAYERS! of white and blue. I also had a staff of light that just appeared. I would use it tap it on the ground and surround everything in light and aim the light at dark figures that appeared. This process lasted a few weeks. Throughout this process i looked different I would first appear as myself then a being of white light then a being of white light with gold blue red streaks orbiting around my body. Then to a being of gold light, Being of gold light with wings, Then to a being with long brown hair with wings wearing a white robe. later armor would appear on the wings and myself first it was silver then gold to pure white. I didnt know what was going on so i turned to religion Jesus and Hindu gods (they were actually my guides.) there were also archangels. THE DEVILS DEMONS WOULD COME! I was given a sword and stuff that shot out of armor on my arms. And i would fight off these creatures That had bull horns and had molten lava at their cores. All this would appear i had no control over what i was seeing. The DEVILS CREATURES! were coming into the light. This was a clue i would notice later. Other internal worlds would appear. A heavenly place of gold palaces and Flying ANGELS! There would be a doorway of light leading up through space to the heavenly place. After messing around fighting off hellish Creatures. I was taken to the Hindu god World that looked like India with gold palaces that looked like the temples in India. I was introduced to a women Hindu with four arms who i would get to know intimately. Later to discover that she was the Being who i thought was my soul mate for the longest time. The demons would return here and i would fight them off then the women i was intimate with turned into a demonic being with fangs ect so i killed like i would with any other HELL CREATURE. Then she would appear again and the same thing would happen. I then got pissed destroyed a mountain WITH THE MAGNIFICENT WEAPONS I HAD! and created my own place. Everyone came over JESUS LORD SHIVA! you get the idea. and it would happen again but this time i just thought you cant get through my light bubble let the creature do its thing. then it was done that part of the process was over. This two week long test was complete. I left some parts out but you get the idea. I forget how i dismissed The godly figures I think it was a felt experience from reading or listening to something on ET and I.

I am hesitant to actually post this its pretty embarrassing and very personal. A tip for you dont go into this with religion and believing light and dark. I guess you dont really have a choice you wont have control over anything. I hope you enjoy and get a laugh or two and or learn something thats why i am doing this.

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