Reading Marx After The Crises

The picture of work karl marx and measure marxs assertions with loss hours work It is common today to call Marxism a failed religion. No one who has ever read the work of Karl Marx especially the economics would claim he offers readers divine revelation, however. No Damascene conversion awaits in the pages of Capital. Its a slog. Marx can feel dry, even tedious, because of two obligations that fall on the reader: firstly, there... Read More


The picture of Philosophy and Logic with Academia My focus in philosophy recently has been on my writing sample for graduate school. Im working through Christine KorsgaardsCreating a Kingdom of Ends, using Bernard Williams Internal and External Reasons essay as a starting point. Korsgaards theory is a Kantian method of constructing morality from the internal perspective, or the... Read More

PHIL 525 Prof. Pam s Religion Blog

The picture of survey kinds approaches and lots reports james individuals with source investigation james Lectures present a survey of kinds of approaches to the study of religious phenomena . The text includes lots of reports to James of individuals religious experiences. Lectures I and II are key in that they tell us what the lectures are not about and... Read More