Order face life challenges

The picture of order face life challenges and wisdom endurance perseverance with life patience patience I expect My Devotees to be strong. In order to face lifes challenges and deal with them in a dharmic way, one must be steeped in fortitude, spiritual wisdom, endurance, perseverance, and patience to name a few types of strength. I have said a few times that all one needs in life is patience. Patience is a great virtue. Time... Read More

World love art

The first is too specific. Art isnt the only thing spiritual in the world, love is. Art, like anything else, is spiritual to the point that it is about love.

When I began working I was taught to not discuss controversial topics such as religion/ spirituality workplace, and certainly never with clients/customers. I was taught that it was unprofessional. (Now I know there will be exceptions for religious institutions, people who do spiritual work, etc.)

Now if I am a client of a... Read More

The Violence of Language

The picture of christians use address and faith views sin with threat sin causes christians Hate the sin not the sinner is a common phrase that contemporary Christians use to address their contempt for acts they deem sinful. It allows them to give pardon to the perpetrator and separate the detestable from the person. Yet, I doubt they understand the very implications... Read More


The picture of Philosophy and Logic with Academia My focus in philosophy recently has been on my writing sample for graduate school. Im working through Christine KorsgaardsCreating a Kingdom of Ends, using Bernard Williams Internal and External Reasons essay as a starting point. Korsgaards theory is a Kantian method of constructing morality from the internal perspective, or the... Read More


The picture of Philosophy and Epistemology with Philosophy of science In part 1 of this series, I posed the question: is it really possible to be neutral on subjects like religion, politics & belief? In that post, I briefly discussed the odd paradox that we endure daily as a result of the influence that relativism and logical positivism have had on our culture. All belief is... Read More

The Problem with Vicarious Faith

The picture of host circumstances issues and parade succession people front with faith faith someone Some Christians never struggle with doubt. Ever. They are raised in Christian homes and cant even remember a time when they didnt believe the message of the gospel. They never had a life circumstance that caused them to question the faith and they have never found themselves wrestling with philosophical or theological questions... Read More