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The first is too specific. Art isnt the only thing spiritual in the world, love is. Art, like anything else, is spiritual to the point that it is about love.

When I began working I was taught to not discuss controversial topics such as religion/ spirituality workplace, and certainly never with clients/customers. I was taught that it was unprofessional. (Now I know there will be exceptions for religious institutions, people who do spiritual work, etc.)

Now if I am a client of a... Read More

The Story of How I Became Catholic

The picture of side joes family and rosary beads fingers with miracle christ access My husband was raised in a family that was half Protestant and half Catholic. Last year, he decided to begin the process to become confirmed in the Catholic church and received his Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil earlier this year. I... Read More

Meditation God s Divine presence

The picture of food substance sustenance and oneness god flows Here I am God! I am here to truly know you! For to know you is life eternal! So, I am here now to acquaint myself with you, God! I recognise that you are within me. So here I am, I in you, and you in me! We are one right here now. Where I am. No matter where I am, in my home, work, in a library, in my car, on a train,or a... Read More

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The picture of society francis shes episcopalian and ssf society francis with community francis csf I purchased a book from the Graduate Theological Unions (now defunct) bookstore during the summer. Its

Following Francis: The Franciscan Way for Everyone by Susan Pitchford. (Morehouse Publishing:2006) It dawned on me that it might be fun to read the book during this semester that Im residing with the Franciscans. I know:... Read More