Signs baptism water

The picture of signs baptism water and trinitarian family god with pope john xxii Theres the story of a little boy being baptized. He was old enough to have some idea of what was happening. Some of the words resonated with him: I believe, I will, I do. All words of promise spoken by his beloved family members and godparents. He happily soaked in the signs of baptism:... Read More

First Blog EVER (featuring Voice part 1)

The picture of thats right folks and mind emily walters honor with body christ paul talks Thats right folks. The first one. You are among the many who get a glimpse into the mind of Emily Walters An honor I know.

I will warn you now that I am not the best speller, can be redundant, and tend to have run on sentences Thank God for spell check. I also think I am funny and try to be witty. Puns are great (intentional or... Read More

Kingdom god course nicodemus

The picture of kingdom god course nicodemus and time john jesus with gospel john chapter While Jesus was on earth in His ministry, there were many disciples of Christ who claimed to follow Jesus (John 6).? When they saw that He did many supernatural miracles, feeding the five thousands, healing the sick and opening blind eyes, they were all astonished and followed Jesus to... Read More

Ray Boltz has come out of the closet and announced he is gay

The picture of post damian thanks and justice dietrich bonhoeffer with power gods law Check out Doug Chaplins blog, MetaCatholic, ( ) for a thorough investigation of the scriptural background here. Personally, I dont think that its quite as clear as we need it to be in order to make judgements.

In any case, the churches reaction to this should be that in Colossians 3 that is, bear with each other, forgiving each other,... Read More


The picture of Christianity and Evangelicalism with Christian theology Recently, my wife and I visited a church in the Nashville area. Everyone was very nice, welcoming and sincere I say that because I have a complaint to make, and certainly dont mean to malign anyone there. During the worship service, we were singing a song that I had never heard. It was building up to the climax of... Read More

Welcome to Bible Baptist Church

The picture of church age today and name jesus christ with smoke cigarettes use Last month, I finished the sermons on the letters to the churches in Rev 2 and 3. The last letter was to Laodicea, which was pretty traumatic, because we are in the Laodicean period within the Church age. Today, were going to take another look at Laodicea and lukewarmness, but this time, we are going to... Read More