Feeling Over Knowing

Jim what a great post. I think you articulated two great points that have needled me about the evangelical movement and some aspects of modern American Christianity.

The first is the lack of intellectual scrutiny by evangelicals and the unwillingness to discourse. I remember trying to start a conversation once and I remarked that I had been raised Catholic and the woman turned to me and said, “Oh, well if you don’t change, then you’re going to Hell.” Nice.... Read More

The Chronic Curmudgeon THANKS A TON, GIBSON

The picture of Film and Orrin Hatch with Mel Gibson I know I can’t hold Mel Gibson personally responsible for the actions of some lame-brained, three-toothed, inbred wastes-of-oxygen. That’d be just like saying that Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest are responsible for any murders or suicides their fans commit. There is such a thing as personal responsibility, and blaming artists for the actions of... Read More

Christian church maple groveare

The picture of christian church maple groveare and family bonds people with life mormon radio Christian church maple groveAre you struggling to have focus and meaning in your life? Are you in need of help to find happiness in a society full of tragedy, crime, and negativity? Everyone feels this way sometimes. Many of us need assistance to learn the precepts to live a... Read More