Golems, Cemeteries Castles Prague Day Two

Th century they were forced to live in a segregated ghetto (a practice common through most of Eastern Europe). Josefov is the ghetto they were forced to live in. Though it doesnt look like it now, the conditions in Josefov were appalling. Jews were rarely allowed to leave the ghetto and pogroms occurred every once in awhile.

What is a Golem and why do I keep hearing about it?

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Pastor Joe McGarry

During this time of year the nights grow longer. That makes being a kid riding in a car pretty tough. Though it certainly helps when video and DVD players and iPods light up the night. As a kid during Christmas many times we would make the trek from Vermont toPennsylvaniato visit family. During that trip one of my favorite things to do was to look out my window and see the Christmas lights wed see every once in a while.

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Why Religious Decline Helps Republicans

The picture of pew research center poll and prayer church attendance with religion separation church I wont go as far to say that religion in America is dying but its probably fair to say that it isnt doing well. My guess would be that the younger you are, the less this shocks you. A recent Pew Research Center Poll reached out to followers of every major faith in the nation while examining the relationship between religious and... Read More

Deceit thats right folks

Well its that time of year again. The time of year that signifies the implied mockery of the lonely and the international support of the romantically lethargic. The time of year that actually warrants a day on the calendar to remind people of either their ineptitudes, their disadvantages or less often than so, their relationship triumphs. The time of year that provides a day for acceptable sweeping discrimination, not based on race or religion, but on luck, looks, financial success, sometimes... Read More