Plans ideas notions

The picture of plans ideas notions and freedom vastness purity love with consummation heart heart I come before you with outstretched hands beckoning you to Me. Come, come quickly. Throw yourself into My waiting arms with abandon. Allow your mind to loosen and relax into My Peace. Abandon, abandon everything; all your plans, ideas, notions about yourself and the world. Melt into Me in gay abandonment. I am your Self, your true... Read More

Facewhat kind love

The picture of facewhat kind love and use lord use with jehovah jireh lord Lord, God my most precious Jewel, the almighty of my life and existence. I submit myself unto You. Lord, I humbly bow at Your feet asking for forgiveness of my sins, both intentional and the ones unintentional. Lord, I proudly proclaim that I am lost without You, that I am nothing without You. Your word reminds that when I am weak, You are strong; what... Read More