First Blog EVER (featuring Voice part 1)

The picture of thats right folks and mind emily walters honor with body christ paul talks Thats right folks. The first one. You are among the many who get a glimpse into the mind of Emily Walters An honor I know.

I will warn you now that I am not the best speller, can be redundant, and tend to have run on sentences Thank God for spell check. I also think I am funny and try to be witty. Puns are great (intentional or... Read More

Facewhat kind love

The picture of facewhat kind love and use lord use with jehovah jireh lord Lord, God my most precious Jewel, the almighty of my life and existence. I submit myself unto You. Lord, I humbly bow at Your feet asking for forgiveness of my sins, both intentional and the ones unintentional. Lord, I proudly proclaim that I am lost without You, that I am nothing without You. Your word reminds that when I am weak, You are strong; what... Read More

Meditation God s Divine presence

The picture of food substance sustenance and oneness god flows Here I am God! I am here to truly know you! For to know you is life eternal! So, I am here now to acquaint myself with you, God! I recognise that you are within me. So here I am, I in you, and you in me! We are one right here now. Where I am. No matter where I am, in my home, work, in a library, in my car, on a train,or a... Read More