Today holocaust remembrance day

The picture of today holocaust remembrance day and beliefs october david silverman with jewish circle tuscon arizona. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I believe this day is important. I agree with Elie Wiesel when he states that to forget the dead is a crime against humanity in itself. This is a time for everyone, not just Jews to remember... Read More

Reading Marx After The Crises

The picture of work karl marx and measure marxs assertions with loss hours work It is common today to call Marxism a failed religion. No one who has ever read the work of Karl Marx especially the economics would claim he offers readers divine revelation, however. No Damascene conversion awaits in the pages of Capital. Its a slog. Marx can feel dry, even tedious, because of two obligations that fall on the reader: firstly, there... Read More

Members tribes people

The picture of members tribes people and treasure settlements jamestown with source wealth governments Members of tribes of people in the ancient world survived by hunting, gathering and stealing from neighboring tribes. The Romans focused on stealing from their neighbors and were so successful at invading and stealing that they were able to support a standard of living at home that was unknown outside Rome.

In time,... Read More