Ray Boltz has come out of the closet and announced he is gay

The picture of post damian thanks and justice dietrich bonhoeffer with power gods law Check out Doug Chaplins blog, MetaCatholic, ( ) for a thorough investigation of the scriptural background here. Personally, I dont think that its quite as clear as we need it to be in order to make judgements.

In any case, the churches reaction to this should be that in Colossians 3 that is, bear with each other, forgiving each other,... Read More


The picture of Christianity and Evangelicalism with Christian theology Recently, my wife and I visited a church in the Nashville area. Everyone was very nice, welcoming and sincere I say that because I have a complaint to make, and certainly dont mean to malign anyone there. During the worship service, we were singing a song that I had never heard. It was building up to the climax of... Read More

Freewill baptist church ive

The picture of freewill baptist church ive and decades fact evangelicals with inerrancy scripture dont I think you put your position very well. I was raised in the Assemblies of God with a father who is an AoG minister/missionary. However I currently attend a Freewill Baptist church.

Ive found that I do not fit any label very well. Im not liberal, nor conservative. I dont fit nicely into the theology of any denomination.... Read More

Feeling Over Knowing

Jim what a great post. I think you articulated two great points that have needled me about the evangelical movement and some aspects of modern American Christianity.

The first is the lack of intellectual scrutiny by evangelicals and the unwillingness to discourse. I remember trying to start a conversation once and I remarked that I had been raised Catholic and the woman turned to me and said, “Oh, well if you don’t change, then you’re going to Hell.” Nice.... Read More

Donald trump quest

The picture of donald trump quest and envy yesterday trump with course evangelicals love Donald Trumps quest to convince America that he has never opened a Bible continues to be a glorious success. Early on in his campaign he assured us that talking about the Bible is very personal but he didnt want to get into verses. You see the Bible means a lot to him but he doesnt like to get into specifics.

Translation: What is... Read More


The picture of Christianity and Evangelicalism with Mainline Protestant This has been a difficult post for me to contemplate, not to mention for me to actually write. It is my hope that anyone who has faced (or is facing) similar issues will find some guidance and peace of mind.

I grew up Presbyterian, but have attended mostly evangelical/charismatic style churches for the last 20 years (see my earlier post). Twenty... Read More