Golems, Cemeteries Castles Prague Day Two

Th century they were forced to live in a segregated ghetto (a practice common through most of Eastern Europe). Josefov is the ghetto they were forced to live in. Though it doesnt look like it now, the conditions in Josefov were appalling. Jews were rarely allowed to leave the ghetto and pogroms occurred every once in awhile.

What is a Golem and why do I keep hearing about it?

A legend you will hear a lot of references... Read More

Reflection Test Light Vs Dark, Heaven Vs Hell

The picture of bubble light layers gold and place gold palaces with hindu god world So in the beginning i watched videos on internal worlds and how to PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM NEGATIVE ENTITIES ! I laugh at that now. So i did i would surround my world i created with a Huge bubble of light in layers of Gold in the center surrounding everything then more PROTECTIVE LAYERS! of white... Read More