Planning trip greenland

The picture of planning trip greenland and greenland question rest with james parchment map Every now and then you have a conversation changes the entire course of your life. Arguably, every conversation changes the course of your life in one way or another, but some conversations are more obvious in their immediate impact. My one and only conversation with Mr. James was like that.

It took us about an hour to walk to his... Read More

Heart jesus times

The picture of heart jesus times and san gabriel mountains with foxiest boy school The phrase I had, or I have, no choice has always made me cringe. For some reason, I have never had the patience for it. Ive always believed that having no choice was a cop out, or an excuse or worse yet, the dreaded path of least resistance. When I would hear it, I just wanted to reach over and shake the person and say, Are you kidding me? The... Read More