The picture of Philosophy and Epistemology with Philosophy of science In part 1 of this series, I posed the question: is it really possible to be neutral on subjects like religion, politics & belief? In that post, I briefly discussed the odd paradox that we endure daily as a result of the influence that relativism and logical positivism have had on our culture. All belief is... Read More

Sai Baba Not Gone Messages to My Children

The picture of teaching balvikas classes children and part god plan with levels god manifestation It is of utmost importance to Me that all My Children proceed along the spiritual path without delay. This great opportunity you have had to be with the Avatar should bear fruit in your life. To whom much has been given, much is expected. If you feel stuck and do not know how to proceed, pray to Me to show you the best way to... Read More

Community neighborhood family

The picture of community neighborhood family and drug guzzling country with thickness people ego How do we apologize to: A father who has just seen a loved one slain? In a rage how can he tell anyone in the world how he feels and feel as if he has vented his frustration? A mother torn from her husband or child? Her families stability, slain, all for nothing. How can... Read More

The Meaning of the Tests and Struggles of Our Life

The picture of meaning life life and anything people spots with definition versions life The sole meaning that any issue can have is what is required into it; what that factor means to a conscious being. A only has meaning since individuals recognize that it stands for something. If there have been no people to learn a concept, or nobody about who might still speak the vocabulary it was written in, it would end to get any... Read More