First Blog EVER (featuring Voice part 1)

The picture of thats right folks and mind emily walters honor with body christ paul talks Thats right folks. The first one. You are among the many who get a glimpse into the mind of Emily Walters An honor I know.

I will warn you now that I am not the best speller, can be redundant, and tend to have run on sentences Thank God for spell check. I also think I am funny and try to be witty. Puns are great (intentional or... Read More


The picture of college home summer and fellow man love with kind scripted soul Here’s something that has been rambling around in my thoughts this morning: When we are being told to “Go forth and witness” by our leaders, or told to “go witness more”, or questioned about “when was the last time we witnessed?” Aren’t we really being asked,

“When was the last time you... Read More

Giver helper healer

The picture of giver helper healer and essence jesus christ This verse says, “As HE is!” That means as HE is now! Victorious, Anointed, Holy, Powerful, Righteous, Healed! When is the church going to start reflecting this? We are not poor pitiful souls. We are the Righteousness of God! We are to portray Jesus to this world and reveal Him as HE is now! That is what this world needs to see! That is what will bring... Read More


The picture of Christianity and Evangelicalism with Mainline Protestant This has been a difficult post for me to contemplate, not to mention for me to actually write. It is my hope that anyone who has faced (or is facing) similar issues will find some guidance and peace of mind.

I grew up Presbyterian, but have attended mostly evangelical/charismatic style churches for the last 20 years (see my earlier post). Twenty... Read More