Day treasure words

The picture of day treasure words and world silence use mind with state unity consciousness You must take My Words to Heart. There is no use to read them once and then discard them. My Words are not to be treated like the newspaper you throw away each day. Treasure My Words; they are My Truth, the Truth that you are seeking to make your own. Meditate on My Words constantly to make them an integral part of your being. That is... Read More

College football fans

The picture of college football fans and meyer mission paris with youth sports coaches My new morning routine has been extremely rewarding. I no longer waste time waking up in the morning and instead wake up excited to read, journal and make a yummy breakfast. Now, I understand reading and journaling in the morning, but I would encourage you to find something you do and make that the 1st thing you do, understanding it might... Read More

Still strong and willing to fight!

The picture of debt collectors course and axl heck charlie mcdermott with middle jesus rules One of the most challenging aspects of being unemployed and in debt, are the constant telephone calls from debt collectors. Of course, one understands that like any of us who are earning a living, the person on the other end of the telephone callis simply performing the duties of their job in this case, calling those who owe said debt... Read More