Suggestion negativity fear punishment

The picture of suggestion negativity fear punishment and use variety methods with projects cons tant teaching I hope that this day and every day brings you closer to Me in your awareness. Though it is not time per se that brings you closer to Me, but rather your thoughts, words and actions. Let them all be directed toward Me indwelling in every being. Know that what the senses fall on is impermanent. The discrimination between... Read More

Why I Would Visit the Church Today If I Was Still Unchurched

The picture of cultures tide order and iranian christian leaders with knowledge jesus christ When I greet our first time guests attending church I realize they are demonstrating courage to come where they have never been before. So today, I am stopping to consider if I were still unchurched, why I would want to visit a local church.

I would want to meet the people that live in my community and may even have vocations... Read More

Bliss love peace oneness

The picture of bliss love peace oneness and place spaciousness emptiness with aspect earth life This maya is very difficult to overcome. Only a few succeed in overcoming it to realize Truth. I wished to give you an opportunity to overcome maya and that is one reason I left My Body that I had assumed when I did. I saw that most were not progressing very fast in Atmic realization, but were depending on My Body, My Darshan, and My... Read More

Meditation God s Divine presence

The picture of food substance sustenance and oneness god flows Here I am God! I am here to truly know you! For to know you is life eternal! So, I am here now to acquaint myself with you, God! I recognise that you are within me. So here I am, I in you, and you in me! We are one right here now. Where I am. No matter where I am, in my home, work, in a library, in my car, on a train,or a... Read More