Order face life challenges

The picture of order face life challenges and wisdom endurance perseverance with life patience patience I expect My Devotees to be strong. In order to face lifes challenges and deal with them in a dharmic way, one must be steeped in fortitude, spiritual wisdom, endurance, perseverance, and patience to name a few types of strength. I have said a few times that all one needs in life is patience. Patience is a great virtue. Time... Read More

Plans ideas notions

The picture of plans ideas notions and freedom vastness purity love with consummation heart heart I come before you with outstretched hands beckoning you to Me. Come, come quickly. Throw yourself into My waiting arms with abandon. Allow your mind to loosen and relax into My Peace. Abandon, abandon everything; all your plans, ideas, notions about yourself and the world. Melt into Me in gay abandonment. I am your Self, your true... Read More

Suggestion negativity fear punishment

The picture of suggestion negativity fear punishment and use variety methods with projects cons tant teaching I hope that this day and every day brings you closer to Me in your awareness. Though it is not time per se that brings you closer to Me, but rather your thoughts, words and actions. Let them all be directed toward Me indwelling in every being. Know that what the senses fall on is impermanent. The discrimination between... Read More

Bliss love peace oneness

The picture of bliss love peace oneness and place spaciousness emptiness with aspect earth life This maya is very difficult to overcome. Only a few succeed in overcoming it to realize Truth. I wished to give you an opportunity to overcome maya and that is one reason I left My Body that I had assumed when I did. I saw that most were not progressing very fast in Atmic realization, but were depending on My Body, My Darshan, and My... Read More