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The picture of people jewish religion and pharaohs land gods covenant with rituals worship god The Torah, also known as the Law of Moses, is the most important document of the Jewish religion, which is written in Hebrew. The Torah comprises the first five books of the Bible (Pentateuch): Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. These books contain the 613 commandments of the Jews and the history of the beginnings of this religion. According to the Jewish view, the stories told in this document are in a conceptual order beyond chronological.

According to the Jewish view the contents of the Torah were revealed by God to Moses on Mount Sinai about 1280 years BC According to historians, this was written between BC and II V centuries BC There are various interpretations by the Jews about the time it was revealed the holy book. The more radical view, believes that the Torah was revealed to Moses literally word for word. The classical view meanwhile, maintains that it was revealed by God to the Patriarch to throughout his life. Another view holds that it was written by Moses, and was subsequently continued by Joshua, who was the lieutenant of Moses. Despite all these interpretations, there is overlap in the people of Jewish religion in which the Torah is of divine origin. It is also interesting to expose the Kabbalistic view, which holds that this book is one long name of God, which was broken up into words, so that men could understand.

Genesis, the first book of the Torah, tells the beginning of the creation of the world by God, through the story of Abraham, even when the Israelites set out Egypt. The Exodus, the second book, tells the Jewish people out of Pharaohs land, Gods covenant with the people of Israel, and the tables of the Law Leviticus then relates the details of the rituals of worship God, and other laws must comply with the Jews. The book of Numbers, is a historical account where it counts the number of Israelites present, the trip from Mount Sinai to Moab, and transactions made on the plains of Moab before crossing the Jordan River. Finally Deuteronomy tells three speeches that were revealed by God to Moses before his death, when even the Israelites had settled in the Promised Land. The first of these speeches, he emphasizes the sense of obedience to God. The second, pointing to how Jews should behave in Canaan, the promised land. In the third, it tells the faith that the people should have with God, for in later to be rewarded with blessings.

The way it is written on the Torah, is in rolls of paper. Precisely for this form of writing, its content has come down to us in full. The reason for this care to preserve the originality, is the belief that every word contained has a divine origin. It is also common to find the contents of the Torah in books for individual use, which contain both the original text in Hebrew, and translated into the native language of the reader (Spanish, English, French, etc.).. Despite this, the Torah scrolls (Sefer Torah), is really sacred to the Jewish community. This is saved in the ark, the holiest site of the synagogue

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